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Introducing My Legal Associates

 For all your Professional Legal, Tax & Accounting, Labour & Administrative Services under one roof. 

Regardless of the most meticulous planning, we can all be caught out by unexpected legal demands which may delay or curtail the works for current and future projects.

Who can you turn to and where do you go for instant support and advice? My Legal Associates is the answer.

About My Legal Associates
From businesses both corporate and individual, to couples, families and business owners, Director Yvonne Vidal has helped international clients trade and relocate to Spain from all corners of the globe since 1986. Three decades of 100% dedication, answering queries and providing solutions for both non-Spanish and Spanish clients.  We are Native English Speakers.

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Legal & Administrative
Property Conveyancing
Vehicle & Motorcycles
Tax & Accounting
Hire a Private PA

Corporate/Governmental Support and Liaison
Power of Attorney – Yvonne´s trusted power of attorney service allows you complete ease of mind

 Why choose My Legal Associates?
Given the complexity of paperwork required by local and national authorities in Spain, people turn to Yvonne for her expertise. My Legal Associates offers Consultancy Services as listed above.

My Legal Associates works with reliable bi-lingual qualified lawyers, accountants, tax advisers and other trustworthy professionals to help you plan, co-ordinate and project manage any type of assignment, technical or domestic during your long or short stay in Spain.

My Legal Associates will help you plan, co-ordinate and project manage any type and size of assignment, whether it is technical or domestic arrangements for your new or existing home, or more complex guidance involving family members or business relationships.