BREXIT – Do Nothing or Do Something

BREXIT - Do Nothing or Do Something

Do Nothing or Do Something

An Ex-Pat British dilemma

Never have British Ex-Pats seen such a politically important issue of ‘the Brexit vote’ to leave the European Union, and its confronting implications for the Ex-pat community in Spain.
It is decision time – as many Ex-Pats have made their intention/commitment to remain in Spain.
However, with a multitude of media reports and political sound bites, from, the EU, UK, and the Spanish Government, making head or tail of what it means to you and how it will affect your life is difficult.
Add to that scenario, the vast number of UK Ex-Pats who have taken a position of ‘wait and see’ approach, which is a very British behaviour, means many may not be prepared for the outcome which could impact significantly on their lifestyle in Spain post March this year.

So, do you do nothing, or do you do something? And if you do something, what should it be?

I am Yvonne Vidal and as a local Spanish / English person living in Puerto Banús; I have been providing Client Services for the UK Ex-Pat Community for the last 35 Years. Focusing on the UK Retirement Community and those who wish to immigrate to Spain and begin new lives, or those who are seeking to establish a Business in Spain.

The following are my recommendations for your consideration.

  1. Obtain an NIE number (only when there is an obligation to pay taxes i.e. business, property purchase, probate/inheritance).
  2. You already have an NIE Number and require full Spanish Residency Status.
  3. You are not purchasing a property but would like to secure Immigration Status for Self Employed Individuals – with registration to all the relevant Government Departments, plus Accounting platforms.

If you wish to obtain any of the above outcomes, please contact me to fulfil your needs. My contact details are or (0034) 640 378 551

My Fees for the above are as follows:

1st Recommendation – 189 Euros (all inclusive, with registration fees)
2nd Recommendation – 295 Euros (all-inclusive with registration fees)
3rd Recommendation – Price on Application

My Administrative Services centre on the following speciality areas:

  • Immigration
  • Real Estate
  • Car Registration
  • Administrative support & Guidance for Wills and Probate
  • Notary Support and Guidance on how to engage
  • Health & Medical
  • Funeral and Bereavement Services
  • Linguistic Services for Police, Medical, Education, Government Departments and the local Mayor’s Office

A very genuine set of references are also offered upon request.

My philosophy is to provide a caring and sensitive support model for you and your family from the ‘cradle to the grave’ in a seamless, and helpful manner, which you can rely upon whilst living in Spain.
I am proud to state that through many of my engagements I have developed a ‘generational’ relationship within the those ‘families’ – it is my honour to serve you and your family.


Official information for British people moving to and living in Spain, including Brexit guidance, residency, healthcare and driving, can be found at: **

** The site contains current, official information, and it is updated regularly.