What is a Spanish power of attorney? It is the document by which somebody, principal, whether individual or legal person (companies) authorize another person/s, representative (individuals or companies), before a Spanish public notary or someone with notarial faculties (like a consul) to act on their behalf.

Content of power. We can authorize by means of a power someone to perform as many actions as we wish. Depending on the content, the powers are usually divided between:

Special or General POA: General is when contains all possible faculties, and Special when it is limited to some specific faculties. It is important if we give a general power to somebody, to make sure that the representative is person who we can trust 100%, because he/she will be able to act on our behalf in a very broad way. On the other hand, if we decide to give just a special power, we must be careful to do not limit it too much.

A Power of attorney can be granted to buy a Spanish property, inherit a Spanish property, close or open a Spanish Bank account, to issue legal proceedings or to incorporate a company or become registered with all Spanish authorities to be self-employed.

Below is a list of the power of attorney documents you can buy online:

  • Power of attorney to buy a Spanish property, open a Spanish bank account and apply for NIE numbers.
  • Power of attorney to be registered with all Spanish authorities to trade as Self-employed /Autonomo
  • Power of attorney to sell a Spanish property and close bank accounts.
  • Power of attorney to inherit Spanish assets

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