Meet the Team

 Yvonne Vidal Founder & Managing Director

Yvonne Vidal
Founder & Managing Director

Yvonne was born and educated in England, whilst coming from a traditional Spanish background, she has 35 years’ experience working in the United Kingdom, USA and Spain.  Where she has used her qualifications, multicultural identity, expertise and bi-lingual abilities in areas as diverse as:

  • Oil Exploration and Production
  • Merchant Banking
  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Law Firms
  • Media and Television
  • Diplomatic Services
  • Real Estate
  • Spanish Bureaucracy
  • Courts & Law Enforcement Agencies
  • International Educational Exams Officer
  • Consultant / PI
  • Due Diligence Officer (Law, Business, Economics)
  • Administrative Agents (best intermediaries between you and the Public Administration)

Yvonne has been living in Spain since 1986 and in that time has developed a network of local and international partners and contacts, as well as a strong knowledge of mainland Spain, its administrative systems, legal practices and economic environment.  Yvonne is also a long-standing member of the Costa Press Club representing foreign journalists residing in Spain – which allows her to offer clients up-to-date information and services for the quickest and most effective results.

“My employment history and an unexpected turn of events in my personal life was the catalyst for establishing My Legal Associates. I have spent the majority of my working life in International, Legal, Consultancy, due diligence, administrative, support and liaison roles for various corporate and government organisations around the world. Later in my career, I was employed in the diplomatic sector and found that the embassy life really helped me grow professionally and gave me a greater understanding of the expatriate life, its challenges and rewards.

I have always felt that it was my fundamental calling to help people. My experiences, qualifications and passions have now provided me with the opportunity to establish a business in Spain for the expat community so others can benefit from my expertise.”

Miguel Ángel Peral Cortés 
Lawyer & Property Administrator for Communities
Languages:  Spanish/English

Has a Bachelor of Law specialised in International Law by the University San Pablo CEU in Madrid and a Master Degree in Private Law. He has knowledge and experience in all legal areas, specialised in Real Estate, Commercial and Inheritance or Succession law. Lawyer of Málaga number 5401.

Mari Carmen Chica Ibarra
Senior Tax / Accounting / Labour Consultant
Property Administrator of Real Estate / Manager

Her long career in Management, Administration and Human Resources with British companies on the Costa del Sol, alongside Inspection Companies, Industrial Services and Consultancy Firms, has enabled her to implement her knowledge as a Social Graduate, Technical Tax Accountant and as Administrator in Real Estate. Great experience working and collaborating with all Spanish Authorities.

Negotiation on Debt referrals and instalment payment plans.

100% on-line accessibility.

Also working very satisfactorily in offering tax advice to Residents, Non-residents, freelancers and carrying out Income Tax campaigns alongside with solving tax record procedures.